The Center for Global Studies: Bridging the Global and the Local

UVic Campus

It’s early February and I have returned to my alma mater once more: For six weeks I’ll be back at the Center for Global Studies, an interdisciplinary institute concerned with the effects of globalization on all levels of society. No doubt, my project on Daesh’s mode of governance in Iraq and Syria will highly benefit from the Center’s focus on governance, migration and the role of borders in a globalizing world.

UVic: University at Canada’s West Coast

Recently, the Center has rephrased its mission to further explore „the nexus of the local and global – how local concerns have global effects and how global issues manifest at the local level“.* The topics and projects connected to the Center and its researches address some of the most challenging questions of our time:

  • „Borders and migration in the 21st century
  • Environmental and social policy, and ecological governance with a strong emphasis on water
  • Indigeneity and reconciliation from global and local perspectives
  • Social justice and participatory democracy
  • Governance as an integrated process at and across scales“*
Weekly CFGS meeting – no spare seats left!

University of Victoria: International Scholarship on Canada’s West Coast

The University of Victoria (UVic) boasts one of the most stunning campus locations world-wide, surrounded by the Pacific Ocean on three sides on Canada’s wild and beautiful West Coast. However, it’s not just UVic’s looks which draws researchers and teachers from all over the world. The young university is reknown for its open and diverse learning atmosphere, internationally visible and successful interdisciplinary research and critical thinkers bridging theory and practice.

Finnerty Gardens at UVic – Perfect for a lunch break walk!

CFGS Fellowship: Academic Home for Interdisicplinary Scholarship

In 2013, I was accepted among the first cohort of CFGS fellows at UVic to work on my dissertation project, but also to learn from and grow with the other fellows. At the Center, my colleagues not only brought a great variety of discplinies and projects to the table, but also covered all stages of their academic and professional careers sharing their knowledge and advice – an experience I would not want to miss for the world. Until today, the academic connections and friendships formed during these months are playing an important part in my academic, but also private life.

My Graduation Pic at UVic’s Grad House Wall of Fame! (2014)

Since my graduation with UVic’s first Joint Ph.D. degree in 2015, I have been returning to this unique place of learning and scholarship at least every second year to reconnect with UVic’s thriving academic community, meet with cherished collegues old and new and let myself be inspired by the work of so many distinguished scholars. I am thrilled to be back!

The first cohort of CFGS Fellows (2013)

Maybe the CFGS is also the perfect academic fit for you. It certainly was and is for me.

Learn more about the CFGS Fellowship Program!

Me – welcoming students and colleagues for my „Bridging the Gap“ Grad-Student Workshop on the Arab Spring (2013)
Victoria, capital of the province

* all quotes in the article are from the CFGS website.

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