CfP – Functional logics of political violence – ECPR Hamburg 2018: Political Violence Section

Dear colleagues,

We are organizing a panel on the “Functional logics of political violence” at the next ECPR General Conference in Hamburg (see abstract below). If any of you are interested in contributing a paper, please submit an abstract on the ECPR-website referring to our panel within the Section on Political Violence until February 15 2018.

We’d appreciate a short message notifying your application to us in advance, so that we can better coordinate with the Section conveners Niall O’ Dochartagh and Stefan Malthaner.

All the Best

Michael, Sebastian & Miriam

Michael Fürstenberg (MPI Halle)
Sebastian Lange (HU Berlin)
Miriam M. Müller (-Rensch) (HIS Hamburg)

Functional logics of political violence: Panel Abstract

More often than not, political violence is considered instrumental in nature and theorization does not exceed a conceptualization as means to an end. As a consequence  the interrelation of political violence strategies and the perpetrators’ objectives and agenda remain vague. In this context, “terrorism” as a sub-category of political violence, has been explained as a violent form of “propaganda of the deed”, a way of provoking the state into a delegitimizing overreaction, costly signalling, or a mere tactic to attain process objectives only indirectly related to overall political goals. Similarly, different forms of political violence are applied in conjunction, begging the question how their purposes are interconnected in the strategic planning of organizations.

This Panel explores the functional logic of diverse manifestations and mechanisms of political violence in different contexts, their tactical or strategic roles, to better understand how they can be connected analytically and conceptually. The Panel invites approaches from different theoretical perspectives and disciplinary backgrounds and includes various contexts of violence, violent actors and strategies.

We’re looking forward to seeing you in Hamburg!

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