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Dr. Miriam Mueller-Rensch is Interim Professor for Sociology and International Inequality at the University of Applied Sciences of Erfurt, Germany. She holds a Joint Ph.D. in Political Science, International Relations and the Middle East from the Free University of Berlin and the University of Victoria, Canada. Her expertise lies with history, politics and the societies of the Middle East and their relations with „the West“ (NATO & EU) with a special focus on security and development. She is interested in migration, regime change and crime as effects of war and conflict. Her current research project with the Max-Planck-Institute of Social Anthropology Halle/Germany on „Daesh’s (ISIS) alternative mode of governance“ combines perspectives of rebel governance and critical terrorism studies with an emphasis on the role of ideologies, religion and identities in Iraq and Syria. Her research includes field work in the region and Europe in French and Arabic (Jordan, Yemen, France; refugee camps, jails, religious communities).

Dr. Mueller-Rensch is trained for radio and TV presentation in German and English (Reduta Acting School, Berlin) and has been cooperation with newspapers, online publishing, TV and radio since 2009. She is available for interviews, features, public speeches and TV commentaries.

Contact: miriam.mueller (at) fu-berlin,de